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Cooking Light: 5 Ingredient 15 Minute Cookbook
Oxmoor House (Corporate Author),
Anne Chappell Cain (Editor)

Great book if you want light, quick and easy meals.
Offer Price $23.07

Find out more/Add to Cart now has over 5500 pages! Half of those belong to the Recipes section, so, because this section has become so large, we decided to give Alta's Recipes its' own place.

The "old" web addresses will no longer be available after September 15th. Please change your bookmarks by clicking on the book in the top left corner, or by choosing "Add to Favorites" in your browser toolbar above. Favorites: Add to Favorites! The new address is now

During the transition, I've given the site has a whole new look and lots of new additions: No Salt, Low Sodium, to name just one.

Every effort has been made to make the pages easy to navigate. Use the "Navigation" or "Information" box provided on most pages. Or, if you have scripting enabled, you can click on the "List" link in the left column.

Most of the recipes are still quick, easy, and nutritious. There's something for everyone! We've even attempted to provide cookbooks that fit each category, available to you at unbelieveably low prices.

All the recipes are still free for you to Copy for personal use only. They may NOT be sold. Highlight the text, right click and choose "Copy". Then paste it into your favorite Notebook or Notepad. You can also bookmark each page and return to it at your convenience.

Share your recipes and experiences. Your information is safe and will never be given to anyone. I respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible. Your additions help make this Recipe Collection the success it is!

You can also share your recipe articles. Important information you'd like to share about certain foods or experiences you've had with some recipes. Recipes like "Sourdough Starter" have been a challenge for some and your input could help immensely!

Contact Me personally if you don't like forms, or if for some reason the form doesn't perform well for your mail client. I always enjoy hearing from you!

Thank you for visiting and please come back often. And tell your friends so they can enjoy these recipes too. This is a huge resource no cook should be without! Bon Appétite!


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