Savory Beef Recipes

Savory Beef Recipes
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Purchasing and Preparing Foods

Always check the "Use by" or "Sell by" dates on all perishable products. If the "Sell by" date has expired, don't buy it. You'll find this date on all meats and dairy products; canned goods, snacks, etc.

The "Use by" date implies this product should be USED before the date on the package. Again, if this date has expired, don't buy it.

These dates refer to the quality of the food - appearance, taste, smell and texture. When it comes to fresh meats and dairy products, it's not worth taking a chance and using the food past the expiry date, especially if the package has been opened. Air causes deterioration of the product.

Be sure to follow the packaging and storage instructions:
— keep refrigerated foods cold;
— frozen foods frozen solid.

Summer time can be a challenge. If you have some distance to travel to purchase your groceries, it's a very good idea to take along your coolers pre-packed with ice. This way the cooler is ready to be filled with your frozen and refrigerated foods.

If a cooler isn't available, have your foods packaged properly:
— Cheeses, milk, butter, etc. can be packaged with frozen peas, meat, etc.
— Place the grocery bags together (side by side and or stacked) in your vehicles' truck, back seat, etc.

The mass of the package and package area will help keep the foods colder longer.

Place raw meat, poultry or fish each in their own separate plastic bags whenever possible. These products may sweat or leak, causing possible contamination.

Always make your perishables - meat, milk, etc. - the last items you place in your shopping cart and the FIRST items to be removed from your vehicle and stored immediately in a cold place when you get home.

WASH HANDS, UTENSILS, SINK AND EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN IN CONTACT WITH RAW MEAT. Sanitize the counter, sinks and any containers or trays that have been used. Use a solution of 1 teaspoon of unscented chlorine bleach in 1 quart of water, and let dry completely.

Practice Food Safety and reduce the possibility of food contamination and illness.

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