Calories and Fat in Foods Charts  Calorie Content of Beer

Calories and Fat in Foods Charts
Calorie Content of Beer
(Discretionary Calories)

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Diet Information

Calorie Chart for Beer
Calorie charts and tables with calorific values of beers

Calorie Table for Beer

All calculations are based on a 12 ounce serving. Brewers change their recipes on occasion, so if the beer you have is different, please contact us with the information.

DISCLAIMER: All values are approximate. These charts will never be totally accurate due to recipe changes by the Brewers. Do not use these charts for exact dietary calculations.

Chart Source:
An asteresk ( * ) means the information was unattainable.

Brand Brewery Calories
Anchor Porter Anchor 209
Anchor Steam Anchor 153
Anheuser Busch Natural Light Anheuser Busch 95
Anheuser Busch Natural Ice Anheuser Busch 157
Aspen Edge Adolph Coors 94
Blatz Beer Pabst 153
Blatz Light Pabst *
Blue Moon Adolph Coors 171
Bud Dry Anheuser Busch 130
Bud Ice Anheuser Busch 148
Bud Ice Light Anheuser Busch 110
Bud Light Anheuser Busch 110
Budweiser Anheuser Busch 145
Busch Beer Anheuser Busch 133
Busch Ice Anheuser Busch 169
Busch Light Anheuser Busch 110
Carling Black Label Molson (G. Heileman) 138
Colt 45 Malt Liquor G. Heileman 174
Coors Banquet Beer Adolph Coors 142
Coors Light Adolph Coors 102
Genesee Beer High Falls Brewing 148
Genesee Cream Ale High Falls Brewing 162
Genesee Ice High Falls Brewing 156
Genesee Red High Falls Brewing 148
George Killian's Irish Red Adolph Coors 163
Icehouse Miller 132
Icehouse Miller 149
Hamm's Beer Miller 144
Hamm's Golden Draft Miller 144
Hamm's Special Light Miller 110
Keystone Premium Adolph Coors 108
Keystone Light Adolph Coors 104
Keystone Ice Adolph Coors 143
Leinenkugel Honey Weiss Leinenkugel 149
Leinenkugel Northwoods Lager Leinenkugel 163
Leinenkugel Original Leinenkugel 152
Leinenkugel Creamy Dark Leinenkugel 170
Leinenkugel Red Leinenkugel 166
Leinenkugel Light Leinenkugel 105
Leinenkugel Amber Light Leinenkugel 110
Lowenbrau Dark   160
Lowenbrau Special Beer   160
Magnum Malt Liquor Miller 157
Michael Shea's High Falls Brewing 145
Michelob Amber Boch Anheuser Busch 166
Michelob Beer Anheuser Busch 155
Michelob Golden Draft Anheuser Busch 152
Michelob Golden Draft Light Anheuser Busch 110
Michelob Honey Lager Anheuser Busch 175
Michelob Light Anheuser Busch 113
Michelob Ultra Anheuser Busch 95
Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor Miller 157
Miller Genuine Draft Miller 143
Miller Genuine Draft Light Miller 110
Miller High Life Miller 143
Miller High Life Light Miller 110
Miller Lite Miller 96
Milwaukee's Best Miller 128
Milwaukee's Best Light Miller 98
Milwaukee's Best Ice Miller 144
O'Doul's Anheuser Busch 70
Old Milwaukee Light Stroh 114
Old Milwaukee Beer Stroh 146
Olde English 800 Malt Liquor Miller 160
Olympia Premium Lager Pabst 146
Pabst Blue Ribbon Pabst 153
Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol Pabst 67
Pete's Wicked Ale   174
Red Hook ESB Red Hook 179
Red Hook IPA Red Hook 188
Rolling Rock Extra Pale Latrobe 142
Rolling Rock Premium Beer Latrobe 120
Sam Adams Boston Lager Boston Beer 160
Sam Adams Boston Ale Boston Beer 160
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Boston Beer 166
Sam Adams Cream Stout Boston Beer 195
Sam Adams IPA Boston Beer 175
Sam Adams Light Boston Beer 124
Sam Adams Pale Ale Boston Beer 145
Schaefer Beer Pabst 142
Schlitz Beer Pabst 146
Schlitz Light Pabst 110
Schlitz Malt Liquor Pabst 185
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Sierra Nevada 200
Sierra Nevada Porter Sierra Nevada 200
Sierra Nevada Stout Sierra Nevada 210
Signature Stroh Beer Pabst 153
Stroh's Beer Pabst 149
Stroh's Light Pabst 113
Tuborg Deluxe Dark Export G. Heileman 163
Tuborg Export Quality G. Heileman 156
Weinhard's Private Reserve Miller 150
Weinhard's Amber Light Miller 135
Weinhard's Hefeweizen Miller 151
Weinhard's Blonde Lager Miller 161
Weinhard's Pale Ale Miller 147
Yuengling Ale D.G. Yuengilng 145
Yuengling Porter D.G. Yuengilng 150
Yuengling Premium Beer D.G. Yuengling 135
Yuengling Light D.G. Yuengling 98
Yuengling Lager D.G. Yuengling 135
Note that the information is per 12 oz. serving.
Many imports come in pints.
Brand Brewery (Country) Calories
12 oz.
Amstel Amstel Brouwerij B.V. (Holland)  
Amstel Light Amstel Brouwerij B.V. (Holland) 99
Asahi Draft Beer Asahi (Japan) 146
Bass & Co's Pale Ale Bass (England) 160
Beamish Irish Cream Stout Beamish - Crawford (Ireland) 146
Beck's Beer Brauerei Beck (Germany) 143
Beck's Light Brauerei Beck (Germany) 103
Beck's Dark Brauerei Beck (Germany) 146
Czechver (Budvar) Budweiser Budvar *
Carlsburg Light    
Cerveza Carta Blanca Cerveceria Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 128
Cerveza Tecate Beer Cervecerla Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 146
Chester Golden A]e Greenall Whitley (England) 156
Coopers Draught Coopers  
Coopers Stout    
Coopers Pale Ale    
Corona Extra Beer Cereveria Modela SA (Mexico) 148
Corona Light Cereveria Modela SA (Mexico)  
Dos Equis XX Imported Beer Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 149
Dos Equis XX Special Lager Cerveceria Montezuma (Mexico) 156
Dragon Stout Desnoes - Goeddes (Jamaica) 62
Foster's Lager Garlton & United (Australia) 156
Furstenberg German Beer Fustlich Ferstenbergische 138
Great Wall Green Bamboo (China) 160
Greenall's Cheshire English Pub Beer Greenall Whitley PLC (England) 142
Grolsch Lager Beer Grolsch Bierbrouweri (Holland) 145
Guiness Draught - Bottle Guinness (Ireland) 126
Guinness Extra Stout Guinness (Ireland) 153
Harp Harp (Ireland) 142
Heineken Lager Beer Heineken (Holland) 150
Heineken Special Dark Beer Heineken (Holland) 170
Kirin Beer Kirin (Japan) 188
Kronenbourg Beer Kronenbourg (France) 153
Kronenbourg Imported Dark Beer Kronenbourg (France) 163
Labatt's 50 Labatt's 153
McEwans Scotch Ale Scottish & Newcastle (Scotland) 295
Molson Canadian Beer Molson (Canada) 153
Molson Golden Beer Molson (Canada) 170
Molson Light Molson (Canada) 82
Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer Moosehead (Canada) 153
Nordik Wolf Light A.B. Pripps Bryggerier (Sweden) 110
O'Keefe Canadian Beer O'Keefe (Canada) 142
Pilsener Urquell Beer Pilsener Urquell Pilzen (Czech.) 160
Red Strlpe Lager Beer Desnoes & Geddes (Jamaica) 153
Sheaf Stout Carlton & United (Australia) 174
Sol Cerveza Especial Cerveceria Montezuma (Mexico) 131
Spaten Munich Special Dark Beer Spaten-Brau (Germany) 185
Stella Artois    
St. Pauli Girl Beer St. Pauli (Germany) 148
St. Pauli Girl Dark Beer St. Pauli (Germany) 150
Suntory Draft Beer Suntory (Japan) 138
Superior Imported Beer Cerveceria Moctezuma (Mexico) 153
Thos Cooper & Sons Adelaide Lager Cooper & Sons (Australia) 128
Thos Cooper & Sons Real Ale Cooper & Sons (Australia) 160
Thos Cooper & Sons Stout Cooper & Sons (Australia) 205
Tolly Origlnal Premium Ale Tollei-ache & Cobbold (England) 146
Tsingtao Beer Tsingtao (China) 153
Watney's Red Barrel Beer Stag (England) 142
Wurzburger Hofbrau Wurtzburger Hofbrauag (Germany) 160
Wurtzburger Hofbrau Light Wurtzburger Hofbrau Ag (Germany) 153
Calorie Table for Beer

All calculations are based on a 12 ounce serving. Brewers change their recipes on occasion, so if you have a bottle or can of beer in your hand and it says something different, let us know so we can make the appropriate changes.

DISCLAIMER: These charts will never be totally accurate due to recipe changes by the Brewers. Do not use these charts for exact dietary calculations. All values are approximate.

An asteresk ( * ) means the information was unattainable.

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