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Calories and Fat in Foods Charts
Calories in Eggs

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Diet Information

Calorie Chart for Eggs
Calorie charts and fat tables with calorific values of egg foods

Calorie Table for Eggs
Please note: all calorie values are approximate.
Food (Serving size) Calories
Egg, whole, extra large (58g) 86
Egg white, large 16
Egg yolk, large 59
Duck egg, boiled (65g) 115
Quails eggs (10g) 15
Turkey egg (80g) 135

How To Cut Calories
A useful guide to cutting calories is to avoid calorie-dense foods that are high in fat or sugar. These foods are too easily eaten. After a large main course we are not usually hungry, yet it's easy to eat a large serving of high-calorie ice cream, or a creamy dessert. By comparison, it's much more difficult to eat 4-5 large apples. Also, dietary fat has more than twice the calories (9 per gram) than carbs or protein (4 per gram), while excessive sugar can raise blood-glucose levels too rapidly and leave you hungry within a couple of hours. A better way to cut calories (and still feel full) is to choose high-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains. These foods tend to have a lower caloric content, and take longer to digest thus giving us a feeling of fullness for longer.

Calorie Table for Eggs and Egg Dishes
Please note: all calorie values are approximate.
Food Amount Fat Calories
Eggs - Blintzes 2 6g 186
Eggs - Boiled 1 5g 75
Eggs - With Cheese Sauce 5 oz 20g 350
Eggs - With English Muffin 2 17g 280
Eggs - Fried 1 8g 105
Eggs - Omelet 3 21g 330
Eggs - Poached 1 5g 75
Eggs - Sandwich 1 9g 255
Eggs - Soufflé with Cheese 5 oz 20g 275
Eggs a la Goldenrod 5 oz 52g 810
Eggs a la King 5 oz 44g 690
Eggs a la Purgatory 2 14g 220
Eggs Antoine 5 oz 43g 590
Eggs Baked with Cheese 2 22g 265
Eggs Benedict 1 serving 32g 410
Eggs Curried 5 oz 18g 310
Eggs Deviled 2 halves 12g 145
Eggs Florentine 2 40g 520
Eggs Park Avenue 5 oz 75g 750
Eggs Romano 1 serving 24g 365
Eggs - Scrambled 3 15g 225

Count Calories But Check Nutrition Too
Calorie-counting only works up to a point: nutrition is also important. Under certain circumstances, food energy cannot be properly metabolised without sufficient minerals and vitamins. For example, the energy in "empty calorie" foods becomes unavailable to our body and is stored as body fat until we ingest the necessary minerals and vitamins at some later time. This is why a healthy calorie-controlled eating plan should be based on nutrient-dense meals and snacks. The calorie content of eggs is relatively low; their nutritional value is very high.

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