Best and Worst Calorie Food Options Charts

Best and Worst Calorie Food Options Charts
Calorie tables showing high and low-calorie foods.
How to Cut Calories. How to diet successfully and lose weight by
choosing low-calorie options.

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Weight Loss means Reducing Calories

Forget fad diets, diet pills and other diet gimmicks. They may work innitially, but for the long term they're a very poor choice.

Forget high protein or very low-calorie diets. They're destined to fail. Our bodies NEED minerals and nutrients to maintain a healthy system.

Healthy sustained weight loss can only be attained when we eat a balanced diet by reducing our food calories and fat until they are lower than our energy requirements. In other words, we need to burn more calories than we consume if we want to lose weight.

These “Best” and “Worst” calorie tables will help you to reduce calories and achieve 'healthy' weight loss without dieting.

It's our desire to assist you in your efforts to get off the “Dieting Merry-Go-Round”!

To discover what you've been putting into your mouth and on your hips, and to start making good food choices, click through the charts in the "Information box".

Please note: all calorie values stipulated within these charts are approximate.

Sources include:
Food Calories Chart - Calorie Counting Information

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