Exercise and Calories Burned Charts

Exercise and Calories Burned Charts
Calories Burned During Exercise Tables
Calorie Tables Showing How Much Exercise it Takes to Burn Calories in Popular Foods.

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We have attempted to assist you in discovering how many calories are in everyday foods, which foods are best and will encourage a healthier, more efficient metabolism.

Now, you can also discover how many calories are burned during certain exercises and how long it takes to burn them.

For example:
If you go to a party over the weekend and eat a little more than you think you should have, it doesn't mean all is lost. Monday morning, get up and resume your healthy eating. Walk an extra block for a few days; work in the garden a little longer; vacuum the house - again! Every action you do "above" your normal routine will help burn the extra calories consumed over the weekend. You can also cut and swap a few more calories from your meals.

If you choose to cut more calories, keep in mind that your body needs good vitamin and nutrient-rich foods to help you maintain a higher level of activity, so don't cut back on "good foods".

To find out how long you need to exercise in order to burn off the calories in a variety of foods please visit the links in the "Information box".

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Food Calories Chart - Calorie Counting Information

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