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"Gentlemen (and ladies): Light your grills..." Chef Michael McLaughlin

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Michael McLaughlin had written or co-authored 25 cookbooks and nearly 100 articles on cooking, entertaining and design for such publications as Bon Appetit (The Bon Appétit Cookbook purchase includes subscription to Bon Appétit magazine), Food & Wine, Cook's Magazine and House Beautiful by the time of his death at the young age of 53 (in July of 2002).

McLaughlin was inducted into The James Beard Foundation's Cookbook Hall of Fame in 1992 in recognition of his achievements.

Michael McLaughlin Biography

Thanksgiving McLaughlin was born in Wray, Colorado and studied journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He decided early on that he wanted to be a food writer, so he moved to New York City to pursue his ambition. McLaughlin, (who was managing the Silver Palate, a popular New York City gourmet shop and catering company), along with the Silver Palate owners Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins, collectively created the first Silver Palate Cookbook, which went on to sell more than 2 million copies. This book helped transform American home cooking in the 1980s with such dishes as Chicken Marbella, an exotic sweet-sour combination of chicken, prunes, olives and capers.

In 1984, McLaughlin left the Silver Palate to pursue his long-standing interest in Southwestern cuisine. He opened the Manhattan Chili Company in Greenwich Village; the restaurant's recipes soon became another cookbook. He traded in his chef's apron for a full-time writing career.

After visiting Santa Fe on a brief vacation, McLaughlin moved there in 1995, having fallen in love with the desert and the mountains. McLaughlin served as the cooking and lifestyle book buyer for Cookworks for the next 6 years, a kitchen, table-top and gourmet food chain with shops in Santa Fe, Dallas and Bal Harbour, Florida.

McLaughlin's last completed cookbook manuscript, Great American Home Cooking, was to be published posthumously by William Morrow and Company in 2003. I have not seen this edition yet, but will supply information once it is on the market.

The Southwestern Grill One of McLaughlin's colleagues called him "one of the good guys" in the food-writing field. The editor in chief of Bon Appétit magazine, Barbara Fairchild, who worked with McLaughlin for almost 20 years, said that he "kept a low-profile, was very self-effacing and private, and was not one who tried to be a celebrity. He did his work and did it well. He didn't seek fame." He was well-respected in the food world because of his attitude. His particular talent was to take classic American comfort foods and give them a modern twist while keeping them accessible to the home cook, Fairchild said.

Cheryl Alters Jamison, the Santa Fe-based author, described McLaughlin as "a giant in the culinary field, a gentle giant, who went out of his way over the years to help us with professional advice. He frequently took the role of co-author, or ghost writer, to make someone else look their best." He tackled seemingly mundane fare and turned it into something exciting.

According to friends in Santa Fe, "McLaughlin said that he considered two of his recipes worthy of being carved on his tombstone because they so well represented his style and because they were so well received by cooks. One was the Cornbread with Red Chile-Pecan Streusel included in The Southwestern Grill; the other was the Cranberry-Bourbon Relish published in The New American Kitchen."

--Santa Fe New Mexican


"Whether it's your first time preparing a Thanksgiving meal
or your twentieth, I hope these recipes make your feast enjoyable." Chef Michael McLaughlin


Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma)

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"What gets grilled may well be southwestern,
but how it gets grilled is more universal:
Good grilling is good grilling..."
Chef Michael McLaughlin


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