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Chef Gale Grand
· Chocolate-Coconut Macaroon Pies
The "dough" for coconut macaroons is so easy to makeójust sugar, egg whites, and coconutóthat I was tempted to see what else it could do. Itís easier to work with than a pastry dough because there is no need to roll it out, ...
The above recipe was published in: "Gale Gand's Short & Sweet Quick Desserts with Eight Ingredients or Less" Copyright 2003 by Galeís Bread and Butter, Inc., and Julia Moskin. Chef Gale Grand Profile (executive pastry chef, Food Network host, author, and mom)

Chef Rick Bayless
· Red Chile Seafood Soup--Caldo de Mariscos
Making seafood soup may sound like thereís a special occasion in the offing, but that no longer has to be true. With the wide availability of fresh seafood, ...
The above recipe was published in: "Mexican Everyday" Copyright 2005 by Rick Bayless - Chef's Profile. (James Beard Foundation's National Chef of the Year) (Julia Child/IACP Cookbook of the Year)

Chef Nigella Lawson
· Salmon with Greens and Shitake Mushrooms
My temple food days do not consist of fey picking: In order to enjoy it you donít have to know that salmon is rich in omega-3 oils, which are beneficial, ...
The above recipe was published in: "Nigella Bites" Copyright 2002 by Nigella Lawson - Chef's Profile. (food writer for British Vogue, writes several regular food columns, and has her own weekly British food show, entitled Nigella Bites.)

· Grilled Quail
I love these sweet and meaty quail, conker-shiny in their vaguely Chinesey marinade. As often as not, I broil them rather than grill them; even a blitz in a very hot oven will do. ...
The above recipe was published in: "Forever Summer" Copyright 2003 by Nigella Lawson - Chef's Profile. (food writer for British Vogue, writes several regular food columns, and has her own weekly British food show, entitled Nigella Bites.)

Chef Martin Yan
· Shanghai Noodles with Pork and Bok Choy
Noodles from Shanghai are thicker and chewier than other Chinese noodles. Try it the next time you see it on the menu--itíll add to your noodle enjoying experience- ...
The above recipe was published in: "Martin Yan's Chinatown Cooking" Copyright 2002 by Martin Yan - Chef's Profile. (host of the acclaimed Yan Can Cook, one of the world's most watched cooking shows which has received two James Beard Awards.)

Chef Mario Batali
· Spaghetti with 100 Tomatoes
This pasta celebrates the month of September, when tomatoes are truly in full season and just exploding. ...
The above recipe was published in: "Babbo Cookbook" Copyright 2002 by Mario Batali - Chef's Profile - 1999 James Beard Award Winner.

Chef Tyler Florence
· Blackberry and Rosemary Crumble
The rosemary adds a sophisticated taste to this old favorite. It's great in the summertime when blackberries are at their peak. ...

· New York Strip Steaks with Grilled Fennel Salad & Paprika Butter
Infused butters are fun to put together because you can customize different flavors to give grilled meats a whole new dimension. This dish has strong roots in the Spanish Mediterranean countryside. ...

· Croissant French Toast with Soft Caramel Apples
I like Granny Smith apples for this particular recipe because of their low water content; they hold up really well when you cook them. Juicy apples, such as McIntosh, ...
These recipes were published in: "Tyler Florence's Real Kitchen" Copyright 2003 by Tyler Florence - Chef's Profile 2004 IACP Award Nominee (hosts Food 911, How to Boil Water, and Tyler's Ultimate on the Food Network; regular on NBC's The Today Show)

Chef Roy Yamaguchi
· Lamb Steaks with Okinawa Sweet Potato Mash and Apple-Curry Sauce
Robust, chewy lamb is paired with a spicy Indian-style curry sauce that takes on a sweet note from apples. Sugary and purple-hued sweet potatoes balance the spicy, ...

· Macadamia Nut Tart With Sugar Crust
Macadamia nuts are another one of Hawaii's premier crops, crunchy and buttery rich. They are grown mostly on the island of Hawaii, where the beautiful evergreen trees cover thousands of acres. ...
These Recipes were published in: "Hawaii Cooks" Copyright 2003 by Roy Yamaguchi - Chef's Profile 2004 James Beard Award Winner. (hosts Hawaii Cooks with Roy Yamaguchi)

Chef Chris Schlesinger
· Grilled Peppered Portobello Steaks with Parmesan Dressing
Sometimes you see portobellos in the market that are just monsters, and this is the place to use them--the bigger the cap, the better. All you do is rub them with a little oil, pepper them up as much as possible, then grill them ...
The above recipe was published in: "Let the Flames Begin" Copyright 2002 by Chris Schlesinger - Chef's Profile 1996 James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Northeast.

Chef Paula Wolfert
· Fall Fruit Compote
The above recipe was published in: "The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen" Copyright 2003 by Paula Wolfert - Chef's Profile. (Julia Child Award, the M.F.K. Fisher Award, and the James Beard Award; 2004 IACP Award Winner).

Chef Rocco Dispirito
· Shrimp in Spiced Phyllo with Tomato Chutney
Shrimp are extremists. They do best when either barely seasoned or flavored powerfully. These are flavored powerfully ...
The above recipe was published in: "Flavor" Copyright 2003 by Rocco Dispirito - Chef's Profile. 2004 James Beard Award Winner. (Rocco Dispirito stars in "Melting Pot Mediterranean" on the Food Network)


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