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basil-plant (15K)

basil-leaf (6K) Color: Uniform green color
Flavor & Aroma: Fragrantly sweet
Sensory Profile: Basil is characteristically tea-like, with green/grassy, hay-like and minty notes. It is slightly bitter and musty.

Basil, also called Sweet Basil, is the dried leaves of the herb Ocimum basilicum, a member of the mint family. Basil is a small, bushy plant that grows to about 2 feet tall. Its botanical name is derived from the Greek "to be fragrant."

Basil is used in tomato sauces, pestos, pizzas, and cheeses. It is used in green Thai curry blend, bouquet garni, and Italian seasonings.

Ground Basil Origins
Although Basil is cultivated worldwide, Egypt is the principal source followed by the United States.

The early Romans made it a symbol of love and fertility. Through the centuries, it became a custom of young Italian suitors to wear a sprig of Basil as a sign of their marital intentions. In India, Hindus believed that if a leaf of Basil were buried with them, it would serve as their passport to heaven.

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