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parsley (14K)

Color: Bright to moderately dark green, uniform
Flavor & Aroma: Clean, "green" vegetable
Sensory Profile: The flavor and aroma of Parsley generally described as being green and vegetative in character.

Parsley is the dried leaves of the hardy biennial herb Petroselinum crispum (family Umbelliferae). This is probably the most well-known and used herb in the United States, used extensively in garnishing foods as well as for flavoring of sauces, stews and stocks. Curly leaf Parsley is best known for garnishing, while flat leaf or Italian Parsley is used in bouquets garni and other flavoring applications.

parsley (7K) Uses
Parsley adds color, and thus visual appeal, to many foods. It is used in egg dishes, soups, stews, stocks, and with other herbs to bring out their flavor. Parsley is popular in Middle Eastern cuisine and the spice blends of fines herbes, bouquet garni, and pestos.

The principal sources of Parsley are the United States, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Spain and France.

Parsley was used to flavor and garnish food as early as the third century B.C. The name "parsley" comes from the Greek word petros, meaning "stone," because the plant was often found growing among rocks. In ancient times, wreaths were made with parsley and were worn to prevent intoxication. Parsley was brought to the New World by the colonists.

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