Holiday Recipes

Holiday Recipes

Throughout the year there are very few occasions for which we can truly celebrate: Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and Weddings. So when one of these occasions happens, we truly enjoy the preparation.

This joy can be magnified if we make it a group effort! Get your kids involved in the process. They love decorating cookies and cakes, and I love to admit, more often than not, they do a much better job!

So this year when you find you're really cramped for time, give an assignment to those with timeless energy and limitless imagination: your son or daughter, neice, nephew or grandchild. They'll make the holiday brighter and eats more enjoyable! Their creations are always unique and the memories will be treasures you can carry for a lifetime.

May God bless your home and all who enter with good cheer, peace and joy.

List of Holiday Recipes

Cakes, Cookies and More:

· Christmas Cookbooks

· Peanut Butter Cookies

· Chocolate Crinkles

· Classic Sugar Cookies

· Cookie Decorating Tips

· Gingerbread People

· Lemon Cookies

· Linzer Torte Bars

· Mexican Wedding Cakes

· Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cookies

· Peppermint Snowball Cookies

· Polka Dot Bars

· Russian Tea Cakes

· Triple-Chocolate Mini Cups

· Turtle Shortbread Cookies

· Holiday Snickerdoodles

· Snowman Cheese Ball

· Sour Cream Chunks

· Surprise Sugar Cookies

· Thumbprint Cookies

** Candy Recipes:

· Pecan Pralines

· Peppermint Patties

· Potato Candy

· Easy Christmas Divinity

· Fudge Meltaways

· Maple Nut Candy

· Caramel Snappers

· Coconut Joys

· Almond Bark Candy

· Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle

· Martha Washington Candy

· Coconut Bon Bons

· Chocolate Truffles

· Raspberry Divinity

** Fudge Recipes:

· Marble Fudge

· Eat Your Heart Out Fudge

· Sour Cream Fudge

· White Chocolate Fudge

· White Fudge

· Rocky Road Fudge

· Marshmallow Fudge

· Peanut Butter Fudge

· Holiday Fudge

· Layered Mint Fudge

** Valentine Recipes:

· Heart-Shaped Cookies

· Quick Chocolate Cherry Pie

· Sweetheart Cake

· Valentine’s Day Cake

· Valentine Pancakes

· Valentine Party Punch

** New Additions

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