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First, as stated in the disclaimer... I am NOT an M.D. Any advice or suggestions I make throughout these pages are of a personal nature based solely on personal experience and opinions, research, or third-party experiences and advice -- NOT necessarily medical fact.

I personally do not subscribe to low carbohydrate diets. I believe that if you cut your food intake to include less fat and calories and increase activity, over time, your body mass and weight will decrease. However, there are aspects of the low-carb diet that can be applied to a regular, long-term diet.

In most cases, it's not just what you eat; it's how you prepare the food and what you "smother" it with. Sauces, butter, dressings... all have "hidden" calories and add fat our bodies do not need.

For example, instead of eating 4 tablespoons of mashed potatoes, eat 1 or two tablespoons; instead of a whole slice of white bread, eat 1/2 slice whole wheat or whole grain bread (without the gravies and butter). Use sugar-free and low-sodium products. Note: Low fat dressings are not necessarily low calorie!

Serve potatos using unsalted herbs and spices instead of gravies and butter (margarine); mashed, with garlic and onion. This applies to all diets that have the objective of losing weight, not just low carbohydrate diets.

For those who do subscribe to low-carb diets, this section is for you. A word of warning though. If you plan on a highly active day, increase your carbs and lower your proteins (meats, cheeses, etc.). Your body will need the carbohydrates for energy.

Also remember: Low-Carb does NOT mean No-Carb! There are Good Carbs and Bad Carbs. We hope to help you understand the difference.

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