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If you're watching your carb intake for foods, you must also keep track of your liquid carb intakes.

Sodas, chocolate milk, coffee with sugar all add carbs and calories - excess carbs and calories! - and if weight-loss is your objective, it's wise to modify your "drinking" habits too.

Sugar- and salt-containing beverages actually inhibit healthy weight loss and maintenance. They add no food value to a diet and actually encourage you to overeat.

I have noticed, myself, that when I have a beverage that contains sugar, my stomach feels queezy and hungry and I always want something to eat. But when I drink water or a non-sugar beverage, the cravings are minimal and much easier to resist.

I also notice that my system doesn't function as it normally would - sluggish, retain fluids, gain weight!

Even if you don't maintain or subscribe to a low-carb diet, you can take away some very good information and good eating habits.

Low-carb Cocktails Low-Carb Cocktails : Delicious Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Beverages for All Low-Carbohydrate Lifestyles (Paperback: Published: October 2004) by Douglas J. Markham (Author)
Are you maintaining a low-carb diet? Trying to cut your sugar intake? Or just trying to watch your weight...and still have fun? Look no further than this one-of-a-kind guidebook by famed low-carb guru Dr. Douglas Markham. Here you'll find a dazzling array of innovative recipes for easy-to-prepare, mouth-watering, low-carbohydrate cocktails and delicious high-protein snacks.

The Low Carb Bartender: Carb Counts For Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks, And More The Low Carb Bartender: Carb Counts For Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks, And More (Paperback: Published: November 2004) by Bob Skilnik (Author)
Myth: Beer is lower in carbohydrates than vodka or tequila. Fact: 1 ounce of tequila has less than 1 carb, and certain vodkas have 0 carbs. Myth: Drinking alcohol on a low-carb diet is a no-no. Fact: The Low-Carb Bartender provides carb-smart choices so you can enjoy a drink without stalling your weight loss. Have you become a teetotaler since you've curbed your carb intake? The Low-Carb Bartender is here to help you join the party and enjoy alcohol again!

Low-Carb Smoothies in Minutes Deck Low-Carb Smoothies in Minutes Deck (Box Sets: Published: May 2004) by Linda Gassenheimer (Author)
Besides being refreshing and great-tasting, smoothies can be an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and protein. But for those following low-carb diets, the question becomes how to enjoy flavorful and nutritious smoothies while maintaining the right balance of sugars and carbohydrates...

 Low-Carb Juices and Smoothies: 50 Delicious Low-Carbohydrate Recipes (Paperback: Published: July 2005) by Amanda Cross (Author)
Although fruit and vegetable juices offer many healthful benefits, most people don't realize that they can be high in carbohydates--and to those on low-carb diets, this can spell disaster. But worry not, carb watchers: these 50 recipes are delicious, healthy, and low in carbs.

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