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Sodium Counts
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Updated August 12, 2007

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This is not, nor is it intended to be a complete list! This is just what was accumulated while doing research. The counts come from food labels and such, or from other web sources. Check the labels of the foods you have for content information.

· tsp = teaspoon
· Tbsp = tablespoon   
· C = cup
· qt = quart
· oz = ounce
· lb = pound

· 3 tsp = 1 Tbsp
· 16 Tbsp = 1 C
· 4 C = 1 qt
· 4 qt = 1 gallon
· 16 oz = 1 lb
· 8 oz = 1 C
· 4 oz cheese = 1 C
· 1 oz = 2 Tbsp

Food item Amount Mg sodium
almonds, roasted, sliveredone oz (1/8 C)3
artichokes, marinated in a jar, rinsed and drained1/2 C250
ARGO Corn Starch Thickenerone Tbsp0
Beans - black beans (dry)1/2 C1
Beans - black-eyed peas (dry)1/2 C3
Beans - butter beans (dry)1/2 C2
Beans - garbanzo beans, called chick peas (dry)1/2 C6
Beans - great northern beans (dry)1/2 C2
Beans - green beans (fresh, raw)one C6
Beans - green beans (canned No Salt Added)16 oz35
Beans - kidney beans (dry)1/2 C2
Beans - lentils (dry)1/2 C2
Beans - lima Beans (dry)1/2 C2
Beans - navy beans (dry)1/2 C1
Beans - pinto beans (dry)1/2 C1
Beans - white beans (dry)1/2 C6
beef broth (Swanson)one C440
beef broth (homemade)one C120
Bisquick baking mixone C1470
broccoli (raw, chopped)1/2 C12
brown sugarone oz, one Tbsp11
brown sugarone C, packed86
butter (no salt added)one Tbsp1
butter (no salt added)one stick (4 oz, 1/2 C)12
cabbageone head164
cabbage1/2 C, shredded8
carrots1/2 C, shredded19
carrotsone lb143
cauliflowerone head100
celeryone stalk35
celery1/2 C, chopped52
cheese, sharp cheddarone oz200
cheese, Parmesan (Belgioioso)one oz258
chick peasone C (dry)12
Chicken Broth, Campbell's Low-Sodiumone can (12 oz.)140
chicken broth, homemadeone C60
cilantro/coriander1/4 C1
cocoaone Tbsp, Nestles Toll House brand0
coconut, packaged1/2 C, shredded95
corn, no salt added1/2 C10
cornstarchone Tbsp0
crackers, low sodiumone7
cream, heavy (whipping)one C89
cream cheese8 oz1000
cucumber1/2 C, sliced1
egg yolkone7
evaporated skim milk1/2 C135
flour, wheatone C1
frozen mixed vegetables16 oz (Green Giant)250
garlicone clove1
ginger rootone Tbsp, minced1
green onions1/2 C, sliced8
guar gum powderone tsp7
Half-and-Halfone C98
honeyone Tbsp1
kiwi fruitone4
lemon juice, freshone oz2
lemon juice, freshone Tbsp1
lettuce (Iceberg)one head48
lettuce (Iceberg)one leaf2
liquid smokeone Tbsp50
lime juice, freshly squeezed2 Tbsp1
mangoone (10 oz fruit)4
mayonaisse (average)one Tbsp100
milk, skimone C126
milk, wholeone C120
Minute Riceone C10
molasses, darkone Tbsp10
mushrooms, fresh1/2 C, sliced1
mustard, dijon (Grey Poupon)one tsp120
oat bran, Quaker Oats brand1/2 C0
olive oilone Tbsp0
oil, vegetableone Tbsp0
oil, oliveone Tbsp0
oil, peanutone Tbsp0
onion1/2 C, chopped2
orange juice6 oz, frozen/canned10
orange juice6 oz, fresh2
parsley, fresh1/2 C chopped17
pasta, plainone C1
peaches, canned in juice1/2 C6
peanut butter, regular creamy2 Tbsp140
peanut oilone Tbsp0
pearl barley1/2 C0
pepper, green Bellone1
pepper, habaneroone3
pepper, jalapenoone3
pepper, red Bellone1
peppers, roasted red Bell, Mancini brand12-oz jar660
pineapple, canned4 oz2
pineapple juiceone C3
plum sauce, LaChoyone oz17
potatosone lb21
potatosone C, diced10
potatos, sweetone C, diced40
raisins1/2 C, not packed9
rice (average)1/2 C5
rice vinegarone Tbsp0
saltone tsp2196
shallotone Tbsp0.1
sour creamone Tbsp6
sour creamone C (8 oz)96
soy sauce (Compliments)one Tbsp (18 g)1280
Splenda™, granularone C24
split peas (dry)1/2 C2
squash, butternut, cookedone C8
squash, zucchinione C, chopped4
strawberries, fresh1/2 C1
sugar, granulatedone C0
sweet potatosone C, diced40
syrup, maple (Vermont brand sugar-free)1/4 C120
Tabasco sauceone tsp30
tomato, freshone11
tomatos, canned (Hunt's no salt added)15 oz can88
tomato paste (no salt added)one Tbsp5
tomato sauce (no salt added)8 oz35
vegetable oilone Tbsp0
vinegar, apple ciderone Tbsp1
vinegar, balsamicone Tbsp1
vinegar, riceone Tbsp0
vinegar, whiteone Tbsp0
wine, white dry (cabernet sauvignon)1/4 C (4 Tbsp)4
worcestershire sauceone Tbsp100
yeast, dry active1/4 oz5
yogurt, plain (average)1/2 C60
chicken breastone whole138
chicken thighone, with skin52
chicken, roastedone C, chopped120
chickenone whole fryer (small)488
beef, chuck roastone lb292
beef, ground chuckone lb308
beef, ground roundone lb312
beef, ground sirloinone lb320
beef, round steakone lb248
beef, top sirloin steakone lb332
chicken, breasts, skinless, boneless2 full or one lb276
pork, bacon (Oscar Meyer Lower Sodium Bacon)one slice, cooked85
pork, bacon (Farmland Lower Sodium Bacon)2 pan fried slices190
pork chops (average)one, regular thickness90
pork, groundone lb320
pork tenderloin, lean onlyone lb304
turkeyone C, diced99
turkeyone lb316
Spices/Herbs - dried
basilone Tbsp1
bay leafone1
caraway seedsone tsp1
cayenne (ground red pepper)one tsp1
celery seedone tsp3
chili powder, homemadeone tsp1
cinnamonone tsp1
cloves, groundone tsp5
coriander, groundone tsp1
cumin seedone tsp4
curry powderone tsp1
dillone tsp2
ground gingerone tsp1
garlic powderone tsp3
mustardone tsp0
nutmegone Tbsp1
onion powderone tsp1
oreganoone tsp0
paprikaone tsp1
pepper, blackone tsp1
pumpkin pie spiceone tsp2
rosemaryone tsp1
sageone tsp1
savoryone tsp0.1
tarragonone tsp0.1
thymeone tsp1
turmericone tsp1

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