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Based on a Regular Diet of 2000 Calories a Day

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Day 7


Light French Toast
(prepared with 2 slices bread dipped in mixture of
egg substitute and 2 percent milk)

Light Maple Syrup (4 tbsp)
Whipped Diet Margarine (1 tbsp)
Pineapple Rings (2 water-packed)
Apple Cider (1/2 cup)


Vanilla Pudding
(1 cup prepared with sugar-free pudding mix and skim milk)

Vanilla Wafers (4)


Vegetarian Burger
(4 ounce soyburger served on whole grain bun with lettuce leaves,
tomato slice, onion slice and pickle spear)

Roasted Potatoes (2 small)
Green Beans (1/2 cup)
Skim Milk (1 cup)


Light Snack Cake (1 serving)
Skim Milk (1 cup)


Mushroom and Turkey Sausage Pizza
(3 ounces cooked lean turkey sausage, 3/4 cup mushrooms and onion,
1 garlic clove, 2 tbsp evaporated skim milk, parsley, 3/4 ounce mozarella cheese,
2 tbsp grated parmesan cheese, 2/3-12 inch low-fat pizza crust)

Mixed Salad (1 cup) with Fat-Free Italian Dressing (2 tbsp)
Diet Soft Drink (12 ounces)


2082 calories
331 grams carbohydrate
95 grams protein
42 grams fat
11 grams saturated fat

Day 7

7 Day Meal Plan 7 Day Meal Plan 7 Day Meal Plan 7 Day Meal Plan 7 Day Meal Plan 7 Day Meal Plan

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