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Healthy Substitutions
Based on a Regular Diet of 2000 Calories

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Making reduced-fat, low-calorie food choices a regular part of your daily diet will soon become automatic. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Instead of . . . Try . . .
Ice Cream 1) Low- or Non-Fat Frozen Yogurt
2) Low-fat or nonfat ice cream
3) Frozen fruit juice products
4) Sorbet
Whole Milk 1) 2% Partly Skimmed Milk
2) 1% Partly Skimmed Milk
3) 1/2% Partly Skimmed Milk
4) Skim Milk
Regular Full-fat Cheese 1) Low-fat, skim-milk cheese
2) Cheese with less than 5 grams of fat per ounce
3) Fat-free cheese
Rich Desserts 1) Angel Food Cake
2) Sorbet
Pudding 1) Sugar-Free Pudding
2) Gelatin
Potato Chips Pretzels
Sour Cream 1) Plain low-fat yogurt
2) 1/2 cup cottage cheese blended with 1-1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
3) Fat-free sour cream
Butter, Lard, and Other Saturated Fat (coconut oil, palm oil) 1) Reduced-fat Margarine*
2) Soft tub margarine (first ingredient on food label listed as liquid vegetable oil)*
3) Corn, cottonseed, olive, rapeseed (canola), safflower, sesame, soybean or sunflower oil
Doughnuts Bagels

* When cooking it is better not to substitute reduced-fat margarine or corn oil spreads for regular butter and margarine unless a recipe specifically states they should be used. The increased water content in these products can make a substantial difference in the food's, appearance taste and texture.

· Why 2,000 Calories?
· A Few Healthy Substitutions
· 2,000 Calories a Day the Easy Way

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