Pies, Tarts and Pastries  Pies, Tarts and Pastries Cookbooks

Pies, Tarts and Pastries
Pies, Tarts and Pastries Cookbooks

All About Pies & Tarts : From the Joy of Cooking Series
by Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker, and Ethan Becker
Published: September 2002

Sixty years since Irma Rombauer advised new cooks to "Stand facing the stove," America's love affair with Joy of Cooking continues unabated. And why not? Joy in hand, tens of millions of people -- from novices to professionals -- have learned to do everything from make a meat loaf to clean a squid to frost a wedding cake. For decades, Joy of Cooking has taught America how to cook, serving as the standard against which all other cookbooks are judged.
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Joy of Cooking: All About Pies and Tarts

Classic Stars Desserts
by Emily Luchetti
Published: March 2007

The author of Stars Desserts and Four Star Desserts combines the best 150 dessert recipes from both books. Stars was a famous and very influential restaurant in San Francisco throughout the 80s and 90s, known especially for promoting California cuisine.
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Classic Stars Desserts

The Art of the Dessert
by Ann Amernick
Published: April 2007

A renowned pastry chef shows home bakers how to re-create her signature desserts. Nominated four times for the James Beard Pastry Chef of the Year Award and named one of the countryís top 10 pastry chefs by both Chocolatier and Pastry Art and Design magazines, Ann Amernick is one of the nationís most accomplished dessert makers.
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The Essential Baker : The Comprehensive Guide to Baking with Chocolate, Fruit, Nuts, Spices, and Other Ingredients
by Carole Bloom
Published: March 2007

Carole Bloom puts her vast knowledge and experience as a pastry chef, teacher, and cookbook author into this comprehensive baking guide.
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by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson
Published: August 2006

Every once in a while, a cookbook comes along that instantly says "classic." This is one of them. Acclaimed pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt and master baker Chad Robertson share not only their fabulous recipes, but also the secrets and expertise that transform a delicious homemade treat into a great one.
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Nancy Silverton's Pastries from the La Brea Bakery
by Nancy Silverton
Published: September 2000

This book celebrates the delicious simplicity of many popular classics, passed down over the generations, as well as introducing innovative recipes with a contemporary twist. All offer a trip around Italy without ever leaving home.
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Pie and Pastry Bible
by Rose Levy Beranbaum
1st Edition, Published: November 1998

Rose Levy Beranbaum has won 3 Beard and Child Awards, including Cookbook of the Year for Cake Bible. Now, with what may be the best-researched book on pastry ever, you can rely on 300+ infallible recipes again.
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Advanced Professional Pastry Chef
by Bo Friberg
Published: February 2003

The Advanced Professional Pastry Chef brings up-to-date coverage of the latest baking and pastry techniques to a new generation of pastry chefs and serious home bakers.
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