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by Michele Stanten

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It's 3 pm. Do you know where your get-up-and-go went? This move, from exercise physiologist Teresa Tapp, can help you find it.

  • Stand straight with your shoulders back, abs tight, and buttocks tucked.

  • Shift your weight to your left foot, and bend your knee slightly, aiming it toward your little toe. (You should feel the muscles of your inner thigh contracting.)

  • Bend your right knee so only your toes touch the floor, aiming your right knee out to contract your inner thigh as before.

  • At a moderate speed, lift your right knee straight up toward your right shoulder. Don't bend over as you lift.

  • Lower your leg, touching your toe on the ground, then lift again.

  • Do a total of four lift/touches. Then rotate your leg out to the side, and lift/touch four more times, aiming your knee behind your shoulder.

  • Do a set of two lift/touches to the front and side, then one lift/touch each.

  • Repeat with your left leg.

  • Do the entire sequence with both legs a total of four times.

MICHELE STANTEN, is a certified fitness instructor and fitness director for Prevention magazine; she has made numerous television appearances. She resides in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.

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