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Thanksgiving leftovers are a... urp!... not-so-fond memory but Nat King Cole is on the stereo and making everything alright by crooning timeless Christmas carols. Yes, Nat, it's been said many times, many ways, but it's never been said quite like the following. We're talking about another stomach-churning edition of Worst Food Hall of Shame nominees. I don't know about you, but Mr. Bad Food's multi-symptom Rolaids have kicked in and I'm ready to party on with the good, the bad and the ugly. OK, so there is no good among this collection of culinary concoctions that would make Ol' Saint Nick bellow, NO! NO! NO! rather than Ho! Ho! Ho!

Please do not attempt to mimic any of these "delights" at home. If you find yourself salivating over any of the Hall of Shame foods listed here, then please CLICK HERE immediately and get yourself on an eDiets weight loss program... STAT!

For Bread or For Worse!
I learned to love this sandwich from my graduate school roommate. He said it was a favorite in Minnesota. I too thought it sounded disgusting but it's been my favorite ever since. Simply apply a thick layer of peanut butter to one slice of bread. On the other slice apply a thick layer of mayonnaise (the more the better). Now add a layer of dill pickle slices. Slap 'em together and prepare to enjoy a true tasty treat.
Paul M. Jones

College Daze, Part 2
My roommate in college had a favorite breakfast recipe that boggles the mind. Take a day-old Krispy Kreme glazed donut and top with a piece of sliced American cheese, then microwave for 15 seconds. No joke... ugh!

Morning Gory!
Just read your column and had to reply. Your readers wrote about the Wendy's fries dipped in a Frosty, the fried bologna and egg sandwiches, the potato chips on sandwiches... I do the same thing and love biscuits and gravy! But all of that is not the worst I have done. It's a plateful of white toast, eggs, bacon, and pork 'n beans topped with Velveeta! Another breakfast sandwich that you have to use knife and fork is a toasted bagel, cream cheese, corned beef hash and fried eggs topped with sausage milk gravy! Thank you for letting me share!

Scaring Up Dinner
My Hall of Shame nominee is a recipe from my grandmother who thankfully only made this dish once a year! She called it "The Easter Parade". She would take a whole pig (usually the runt), butcher, clean and prepare it. Then she would take shredded beef, cheese, bell peppers and stuff the pig with the mix. Then she roasted it all. While that was going on she made raspberry glaze with about 3 pounds of sugar. At the table, she topped it all off with sugared rose, nasturtium and violet petals. She said she did this so that whatever your fancy, you could get your fix! Scary lady! :o)
Linda S.

Now That Takes The Cake!
I have an aunt from Kentucky who would only eat pinto beans served over chocolate cake... icing and all! She said don't knock it till you try it! Yuck!

Sharing The Fright Together!
In high school I was in the marching band and after every football game we would all go to Denny's. One night I decided to share a banana split with one of my friends. She also ordered a side of bacon strips. As if that wasn't strange enough, she actually dipped the bacon in the ice cream! It gets worse. When her birthday came around I made her a cake smothered with vanilla frosting and topped with bacon strips. I meant it to be a joke, but she actually ate it! The way she eats, it amazes me that she's only 94 pounds.

The French Confection
My best friend's mom eats French toast with spaghetti sauce, tuna and maple syrup on top... no joke! And I thought I was bad.

Making A Mockery Of Chicken
My mother used to make something she called "mock chicken legs." The best I can remember is half hamburger and half sausage rolled into balls which are then rolled in corn flakes and deep fried (of course in lard)! Then she stuck in a sharp stick. Sounds to me like a heart attack on a stick.
Adam B.

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