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I Scream For Ice Cream!
If you ever happen to be anywhere near a Cold Stone Creamery, I highly suggest you get as far away as possible! My boyfriend and I used to go there every Saturday afternoon and he would always get the "Gotta Have It" size serving (the largest) of their super premium peanut butter ice cream (1,020 calories)! You think that's bad? He would also add peanut butter cups (190 cals), chocolate chips (130 cals), a brownie (180 cals), toasted coconut (180 cals), EXTRA peanut butter (150 cals), and fudge (110 cals), all inside a chocolate-dipped, candy-coated waffle bowl (390 cals)! That makes for a grand total of 2,350 calories! Now that I've looked up the nutrition facts of all their different flavors, I can guarantee you I will not go there more than once a year.

Little Margarine For Error
I don't know where or when I started doing this and I don't even know anyone that does, but it's yummy. You take a teaspoon and put a little soft spread margarine on the spoon then scoop up some brown sugar right from the bag. Mmmm, good. I don't do this anymore. I eat healthy and exercise... just to let you know.
Barb P.

A Paste Sensation
I have one for you. My father makes it every year and my brother and I love it. It's ham, bologna, hardboiled eggs and gherkin pickles all ground up into a paste, then you put it between two slices of soft white bread and chomp it down. Sounds gross but it is delicious and very fattening I'm sure.
Michelle R.

Father Knows Worst!
My father likes to eat some gross things like bologna and grape jelly sandwiches. He also likes to eat raw hot dogs right out of the package. My daughter's friend eats some pretty gross concoctions too but the worst is taking Provolone cheese, squirting chocolate syrup all over it and then rolling it up to eat. Disgusting!
Patricia R.

Pot Yuck Dinner!
The following recipe use to be a household favorite with my ex and me. Take two cans condensed chicken noodle soup, one pack chicken-flavored ramen style noodles, one tablespoon dried minced onion, and one chicken bouillon cube with one to two cups water. Combine in the same pot and bring to boil. This recipe was called "Poor Man'[s Chicken Noodle Soup." For obvious reasons I no longer make this horrible salt-filled one pot monstrosity.

Cereal Killer!
My husband eats white bread torn up in a bowl with about a cup and a half of French dressing stirred up with it. He eats it for a snack or during meals. Sometimes he puts Lucky Charms cereal in it... but thatís only when I buy him Lucky Charms.
Lauren W.

When In Germany...
I just love getting the Worst Foods email every Wednesday. I have been wanting to write for some time now, because my fiance is a prime candidate for the Hall of Shame. His late night noshing leaves me nauseous at the combinations he can come up with. But he is no match for what I saw the other night... We live in Germany and often go to town festivals where food seems to be the major attraction. Most of the fare is wonderful, but a friend brought something to the table last week that turned my tummy inside out! It is called "schmand broetchen mit griebe" which is basically a slice of brown bread smeared with bacon grease and speckled with pieces of bacon fat... UGH! Another one is "mett"... a half bun slathered with raw ground meat and sprinkled with diced raw onions. Needless to say, I can easily refrain from partaking of both of these local treats! Keep the laughs coming!

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