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A Real Mess-terpiece!
My Hall of Shame nominee starts with 2 pieces of fresh, fluffy white bread spread with mayo. Then, a piece or 2 of pan-fried bologna is covered with mozzarella and put under the broiler until the cheese melts. Throw that on the bread and top with tomato slices, potato chips, and pork 'n beans. Yes, pork 'n beans! It's a little messy. I am trying to eat healthier now, so I only have this sandwich a couple of times a year and use fat-free bologna, light mayo, and 2% milk mozzarella, but it's still awesome!
Tanya D.

Last Call!
One night my husband was visiting his sister and brother-in-law. They all had a few drinks and my husband decided that he was hungry. He proceeded to pour unpopped popcorn kernels into a bowl then poured in some Bacardi 151-proof rum, beer, and Captain Crunch. Then he finished it off by topping it with some mayonnaise and ranch dressing. He let it sit out for a while and then ate it. My goodness that was a mess!
Sherry W.


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You sure hit the nail on the head with your article on larger portions. Sadly so many I know still are believers of the quantity mentality/motto bigger is better. What about so many of the fast food places that just hand you a cup and you fill your own from dispensers located in the dining area, outside the kitchen area, to refill over and over and over again? Yes, willpower on portion control is the key. I sure have tons of trouble on that one. I love that phrase: "My life, my diet and my body... do what it takes to make MY diet work." My "atta boy" once again to a great, enjoyable and interesting, plus informative column.
Allyson D.

It's ridiculous how these restaurants are still trying to cram all that food down our throats. Like so many other people, I am trying to lose weight. I mean our governments are saying that obesity is an epidemic, so why aren't restaurants changing their attitudes? Yes numerous fast food restaurants offer you healthier options which is great and all but why are they so much more expensive? Even when you go shopping it's more expensive to eat healthy. As for people writing you and getting mad about your articles: that's crazy. I for one enjoy them and find them amusing and of course they make me think about my diet. As I'm sure do a lot of other people as well.

It seems you really touched a nerve with your article "The Simple Reason We're Fat." Being a woman is difficult, especially a mother and yes, it is hard to get to the gym. For the most part, though, laziness and fatness are synonymous with one another. I'm 24 years old and have spent the last 15 years of my life dealing with my weight. For a majority of my adolescence I was a good 50 pounds overweight. Do you know why? I was lazy. Yes, genetically I do have some predisposition to fatness, but in the end it was lack of physical activity that led to my unhealthy state. It was when I began to exercise daily that the pounds came off. In the U.S. I would say that 90% of fatness is caused by a general lack of physical activity. You can't just diet. You have to build lean muscle to lose weight. So I would have to say that I completely agree with this article, even if it did seem to hurt some feelings.

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