Quick and Easy Salad Favorites  Cauliflower and Bacon Salad

Quick and Easy Salad Favorites
Cauliflower and Bacon Salad

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Recipe from Jeanie

  • lettuce (about 1 head)
  • cauliflower (considerably less than 1 head)
  • peas (frozen, no need to thaw)
  • bacon bits
  • 1 pkt. Good Seasons dry Italian dressing in envelope (or other brand)
  • mayonnaise - (e.g: Hellmann's, not salad dressing)
  • Tear enough lettuce to fill a regular-size salad bowl.
  • Add a layer of cauliflower (cut into bite-sized pieces).
  • Add a layer of peas and sprinkle on a few bacon bits.

  • None of this is too exact - just make to your own liking.

  • Top with an envelope of Good Seasons and frost with mayo.
    Once again, some people like more mayo than others. You'll have to experiment.
    (If you seal the top with mayo, the lettuce will keep for days.)

  • Before serving, *toss.
* Once tossed, this salad doesn't keep well.


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