Quick and Easy Salad Favorites  Joshua’s Corn Salad

Quick and Easy Salad Favorites
Joshua’s Corn Salad

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Recipe from Joshua Levy

There are two notes on the ingredients: first, use real bacon bits (I use Hormel), those hard crunchy things found at salad bars don't combine well with the softer ingredients. Second, I think that the corn matters, and I use the best I can find (which is usually Trader Joe's). The olives, mild chiles, and dried tomatoes seem to matter much less.

  1. Required:
    • 1 16oz can whole kernal corn
    • 1/2 3oz bottle bacon bits
    • 1/2 4oz can chopped black olives

  2. Optional (use one or more):
    • Sprinkle of sun dried tomatoes
    • 1 4oz can of diced mild chiles
    • Chopped tomatoes

Drain as much liquid as possible from each ingredient, and combine in a large serving bowl.


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