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Quick and Easy Salad Favorites
Lettuce Salad

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Recipe from Jeanie

None of this is too exact - just make to your own liking.

  • lettuce (about 1 head)
  • cauliflower (considerably less than 1 head)
  • peas (frozen, no need to thaw)
  • bacon bits
  • 1 envelope Seven Seas dry Italian dressing
  • mayonnaise - (e.g Hellmann's, not salad dressing)


  1. Tear enough lettuce to fill a regular-size salad bowl.

  2. Add a layer of cauliflower (cut into bite-sized pieces)

  3. Add a layer of peas and sprinkle on a few bacon bits.

  4. Top with an envelope of 7-Seas and frost with mayo. (If you seal the top with mayo, the lettuce will keep for days.)

  5. Toss before serving.
Note: Once again, some people like more mayo than others. You'll have to experiment. Also, once the salad is tossed it doesn't keep well.


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