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List of Snacks and Appetizers:

· Savory Snacktime Mix
· Sausage-Cheese Balls
· Fried Green Tomatoes
· Cheese Bread
· Spinach Balls


Today, with a very large percentage of our nation being overweight, it's very important to eat healthy snacks and appetizers.

Purchased snacks like potato chips and twinkies are loaded with chemicals, salts, fats and calories.

When you make your own snacks and appetizers, you choose the ingredients and control the amount of fat you consume. By far the healthier choice.

The recipes here do not claim to be low in fat or calories. But, always remember: these recipes were created by someone which means they can be modified to suit your own needs and tastes.

For example, if a recipe calls for ground pork you can always substitute lean ground turkey, beef, chicken, or a combination of beef and pork, and modify the seasoning, using more "powders" and "herbs" as apposed to "salts".

For sweet appetizers or snacks, apple sauce can be substituted in some cases for butter, especially in breads and cakes, exponentially decreasing the fat content.

Review the Substitution Lists for choices.


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